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About Us Founded in 2006 by Celebrity Healthcare Practitioner Jacelyn Tay, Body Inc. was set up with a vision to help individuals achieve health through rebalancing body systems and restoring their body's natural ability to heal itself. Since young, Jacelyn had been plagued by a host of health problems. Due to frequent fever, monthly visits to the clinic and antibiotics were the norm. A piece of deep fried food could send her to hospital with high fever. Since childhood, she was also afflicted by many other auto-immunity-linked issues. Constant eczema, hives, rosacea, food allergies, rashes, leaky gut syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, throat infection, rheumatism, knee pain and menstrual cramps were some of the problems she had to battle with amidst others. When Jacelyn was a teenager, she had serious migraine and was constantly on painkillers. More than that, she also had tonsillitis since young and finally got her tonsils removed during her 20s. She also suffered whiplash from a car accident at age of 20. In 2001, at the age of 26, she suffered regular fainting spells and fainted up to five times a day. However, going from ENT doctors to neurologists and cardiologists and undergoing several medical tests did not show any abnormal results. Doctors explained that there was simply no identifiable cause and therefore, no cure. Finally, Jacelyn was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by an Internal Medicine Specialist, but there was no medicine nor cure for this auto-immune disorder. Initially Jacelyn was despaired. Doctors only gave her anti-depressants and sleeping pills, and told her that her condition could take 6 months to years before she could recover. Jacelyn decided that giving in to circumstances was not going to be an option. She thought something must be wrong with her body for it to collapse like that. Hence on her own, Jacelyn started reading and researching on nutrition, toxins, and how these may interact and affect our health intrinsically. With a change in her diet to incorporate nutrient-rich foods, her body gradually regained its strength. She found her own remedy by replenishing good nutrients to her body, and also taking part in regular exercise and detox treatments to allow her body heal naturally. She had no more fainting spells after 2 years of nutritional healing in 2003. After her father’s sudden death that was attributed to heart disease in 2004, Jacelyn went into more research on how heart diseases can be prevented and discovered Live Blood Microscopy in 2005. She realized how amazing it was that impurities and the quality of the live blood can reveal early tell-tale signs of impending illnesses that may arise. It was a great nutritional and educational tool for disease prevention. In the same year, Jacelyn suffered a spine injury while doing some stunts for a charity show. She tried many doctors and physicians but in vain. A friend introduced her to a doctor of Chiropratic and she was totally cured in 6 months without any drug or invasive treatment. Jacelyn then realized how amazing complementary medicine and nutrition can help prevent diseases, tackle the root cause and solve the symptoms of a health condition. Thus in 2006, The Health Club was born, with a vision to help people find the root cause of their health problem and to bring balance back by detoxification and replenishing nutrients that are lacking in the body using complementary & alternative medicine and nutrition. The Health Club has since expanded and incorporated to become Body Inc. in 2009.

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Anti-Stress Acupressure Massage
Working with rhythmic kneading actions, this massage is good for the individual with frazzled nerves and tense muscle...  More

Aromatherapy Relaxant Massage
Release all that pent-up stress & tension and indulge in our Aromatherapy Relaxant Massage, guaranteed to soothe ...  More

Back Acn
Back Acne Treatment
Always wanted to flaunt that new-found figure in your new bare-back dress? Reveal a smooth and flawless back today wi...  More

Body Glo
Body Glow Scrub
with Rejuvenating Body Mask   More

Deep Tis
Deep Tissue Lipo Therapy
Uses deep tissue massage techniques that help in cellulite reduction, skin tightening, toning and body sculpting. It ...  More

Diamond Peel Microderm Facial
FDA-approved, our Diamond Peel Microderm gently exfoliates dead skin cells with real diamond chips, giving you a brig...  More

Face Scu
Face Sculpting + Firming Mask
Sculpt your face to a slimmer shape? Yes it is possible! By enhancing lymphatic drainage, improving blood circulation...  More

Lymphatic Drainage/ Slimming Massage
An effective fat cell-breaking massage that aids improving lymph flow and thus allowing the drainage of excess accumu...  More

Melt Fat
X3 Tripolar RF technology is specific purposed to solve or dramatically improve the following problems:• Celluli...  More

Muscle R
Muscle Relief Osteo Therapy
Osteopathy is a drug-free manual therapy that works on the muscles, bones and tissues to relieve pain and injuries. T...  More

Premium Facial Indulgence
A purifying facial that revives your complexion with proven efficiency to remove impurities and refine pores, ideal f...  More

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