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Started in early 2000s by the Chairman and founder of Jiale Pte Ltd, Ms Yang Rong, Degree in Traditional Healing, the Company was setup to provide fusion skin care treatments specially cater for Asia Pacific skin type, distributing prominent products branding like Dermalogica and Dr Matis. However, by late 2000s, Jiale Beauty diverted its focus to researching and producing its own range of health and beauty products focusing on the unique needs of Asian skin types. In 2011, Jiale underwent a transformation. Using biotechnology, the best of therapies and treatments for creating and preserving youthful skin was born. By embracing methods ranging from traditional therapies to modern equipment, natural treatment and enhance home remedies, Jiale services are today one of the most popular natural treatments service around the region. Jiale has brought an exceptional standard of skincare service to the region. The excellent growth of the company has seen it becoming one of the fastest growing salon chain in the region with four outlets in Singapore currently, providing the most advance skin care treatment and professional advices. Jiale Chairman, Ms Yang, has loved TCM beauty treatment since young. Her treatments are balance the five elements, through the blood flow and naturally good metabolism. So she claims the company specializes in’ Beauty is cultivated from the inside to the outside, including the root of the problem of the body to help the body detox, tonic and conditioning. Being a qualified professional practitioners, Ms Yang’s specially formulated recipes help guests drain away toxins and stress with Gen Qi, which brings good energy and helps tighten the skin against aging. Jiale is committed to provide you with a one-stop beauty Body, health, slimming, hair removal and other diversified care. In addition to having more than a world-class advanced equipment, the treatments are specially selected from internationally renowned high-quality products, and made more personal, and even medical-grade service solutions to meet the modern pursuit of perfect skin for the demands of men and women .

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Chinese New year offer Deep cleansing
Deep cleansing + Eue Guo Sha TCM Body Massage + Free Hot stone Massaeg treatment   First Trial just @ 48  More

Face & E
Face & Eye Gua Sha ~ Trial Offer
Clears meridian blockage on the face and eye areas; Treat Dark Eye Circle/ Remove Puffy Eye Bag/ Lighten Pigmentation...  More

Sale!  T
Sale! TCM 5-in-1 Meridian Wellness Therapy
Promote relaxation, reduced stress, enhanced circulation, increased detoxification, improved skin integrity and decre...  More

Sale!  T
Sale! TCM Meridian Wellness Body Massage
Promote relaxation, reduced stress, enhanced circulation, increased detoxification, improved skin integrity and decre...  More

Signature Premium Facial
Acne Clearing/ Anti Wrinkle/ Uneven Skin Tone/ Pigmentation Treatment with IMAGE SkinCare I-Peel. One super facial th...  More

TCM Full
TCM Full Body Massage + Free Foot Therapy
TCM Full Body Massage + Free Foot Therapy  More

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I was having a backache and went joyre Toa Payoh outlet to seek their TCM treatment. I had a one hour treatment attended by therapist Lisa. I was very impressed by her skilful technique in TCM treatment. She is very patient and friendly therapist. She is also knowledgeable in TCM treatment using various devices.My backache was completely gone after the one hour treatment. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking this kind or other TCM treatment. Lee

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