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HealSpa inherit from the old Zhongshan University’s professional experience in health Spa services. The body massage is just one of its Services.Healspa base its services on traditional Chinese medicine approach.HealSpa aims at providing people living in the busy working life in the city, a place to relax and to sweat it out to achieve the detoxification purpose. Hence provide their body a rejuvenation opportunity.In Healspa, We help you to prevention rather than cure, our treatment is largely based on traditional herbs base products to provide health rejuvenation, and hence regulate physique to improve system recuperation. This help to establishing individual health nourishment programed natural herbals without additional by products satisfying everybody s need for health and beauty rejuvenation

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Heal Spa Natural Therapy - Microderme Aesthetics Pte Ltd packages

Abdominal Care Therapy - 60 mins
Abdominal Care Therapy can help and reduce the fats and water retention, and prevent and correct a fallen tilted uter...  More

Aromatherapy - 60 mins
Aromatherapy is using the natural plants oils extracted to enhance psychological and physical well-being. The "essent...  More

Ear Cand
Ear Candling Treatment - 30 mins
Ear Candling is the principle of linkage of human five senses that will pull any foreign objects from ear, nose and t...  More

Face Rel
Face Relaxing Massage - 30 mins
Face relaxing massage is intensively moisturized and nourish skin. It help to improve the skin texture and look more ...  More

Fire Dra
Fire Dragon Therapy - 60Mins
Using Fire Dragon Therapy can improve the microcirculation and to remove toxins. Health problems relate microcirculat...  More

Foot Ref
Foot Reflexology - 40 mins
The foot reflexology is help to relate and specific organs and glands in the body, It stimulating those points with f...  More

Full Bod
Full Body Scrub - 30 mins
Body scrub is a treatment which add with essential oil, it help to remove away the dead cells, and let your skin feel...  More

Hot Ston
Hot Stone Massage - 60 mins
Hot Stone Massage is a massage that applies smooth, typically basalt stones, that have been heated to the body in ord...  More

Jet Lag
Jet Lag Therapy - 60 mins
Jet lag therapy is help to reduce the swelling on leg, it also increase the blood circulation and to cure the fatigue...  More

Lymphatic Therapy - 90 mins
Lymphatic Therapy is reduce the load of the blood, to smooth the transmission of gases and other substances. lt is ea...  More

Meridian Therapy - 60 mins
Meridian Therapy is releases blocks and restores the free flow of life energy to heal our minds, hearts, bodies, and ...  More

Naval Ca
Naval Candling and Abdomen Massage - 30 mins
The navel therapy can warm the five Major-organs, and induce the blood circulation, they include lymph microcirculati...  More

Neck and
Neck and Shoulder Massage - 30 mins
Neck and shoulder massage is to replenishes strength and energy flow, its help to relieves the stiff and pain on the ...  More

Pre-Natal Therapy - 60 mins
We provide Pre-natal massage during pregnancy. The massage can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relie...  More

Shiatsu Massage - 60 mins
Shiatsu massage is to stimulate the nervous system and helps mobilize the immune systems of our bodies. This ensures ...  More

Sports M
Sports Massage - 60 mins
Sport massage is help to prepare the athlete for peak performance, to drain away fatigue, relieve swelling, reduce mu...  More

Swedish Massage - 60 mins
Swedish massage promotes relaxation, eases muscle tension and creates other health benefits.  More

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