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About Us Beyond Beauty International is a forward-looking company with a holistic approach towards health & beauty, offering total face and body care, complete with slimming and spa services. As one of the most progressive companies in Singapore, our services are a unique blend of the latest technology and the skillful human touch. All this, coupled with the best value, is customised to complement the individual lifestyles of our customers–the modern man and woman. About our logo A young plant grows and blossoms into a mature, confident tree, rooted and secure, natural, lush and evergreen. This is the symbol of Beyond Beauty, both to our staff and customers. As a team of passionate professionals, we aspire to grow and achieve our fullest potential, grounded firmly in our company values. Likewise, we are also committed to journey with our customers and help them attain their goals, while offering our friendship, support and love along the way. Our mission We give our utmost to serve our valued customers with passion and integrity, complementing our signature blend of holistic lifestyle wellness with innovative technology. Our Goal To be the leading global health and beauty brand that provides holistic and personalized products and services with a signature ‘Beyond Beauty’ Asian touch. Our commitment to Quality Our face and body treatments, as well as other related beauty services, are all in accordance with the Quality Management System, in compliance with ISO 9001:2000. We are proud to have achieved this coveted standard, and it is mark of our commitment to serve with our very best always. We have a total of twelve outlets (including For HIM Men’s Spa) across Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, all bearing our signature boutique-style, designer-chic interior decor and spa-like ambience. This avant-garde approach reflects our passion for style and substance.

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Beyond Beauty - Orchard Central packages

18K Gold
18K Gold Luxury Facial
GOLD is a free radical eradicator that helps prevent the premature ageing of skin. This luxe facial harnesses the ben...  More

3 Max Sl
3 Max Slimming (Innovative 3 in 1 System)- Only at $88!
Duration: 35 Min (1 Spot) Powerful Cavitation (15 min ) + Muliti &Bi-polar RF and Vacuum (20min) This treatment...  More

Anti-Stress Facial
An essential cleansing regiment for all skin types that releases tension from the scalp and shoulders. Proven moistur...  More

Bamboo s
Bamboo slimming
Tropical Bamboo treatment breaks down cellulite, improves lymphatic drainage and blood circulation.  More

Beaubelle Aroma Chromo Therapy Facial
Aromatherapy, chromatherapy and oxygen therapy combine in this scientific regiment that treats all skin types. Aromat...  More

Beaubelle Golden Bird Nest Facial
This unique treatment contains carbohydrate, glycoprotein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine and vitamins that nouris...  More

Beaubelle Skin Fitness Face Spa
A great choice for people seeking to revive cellular metabolism and reverse ageing due to slackened connective tissue...  More

Body Mud
Body Mud wrap
Results-proven technique designed to slim and tone the body, hydrate and firm up the skin, as well as rejuvenate tire...  More

Body Scr
Body Scrub
A unique treatment that exfoliates the skin, utilizing a gentle scrubbing technique. Your body’s old skin is complete...  More

Collagen Facials
Nourishes and moisturizes skin to prevent premature ageing whilst reducing micro-wrinkles. Scientifically proven tech...  More

Electro Slim
A customized slimming session using electrodes that target specific areas of body fat.  More

Foot Spa
Foot Spa
A great alternative to foot reflexology, this detoxifying and invigorating foot spa utilizes a scientific technique n...  More

H2O Hydr
H2O Hydrating Facial
Scientific hydrating properties prevent ageing and blemishes caused by the build-up of dead skin and debris in your p...  More

Here’s wishing all an Awesome Hari Raya! Check out our Special Hari Raya promotion! Only at $39.90! Pamper your...  More

Indulgence Radiant Glow Full Spa – Scrub + Mud + Massage at $68 Only!
Duration: 75min A well deserved you will definitely need this after a hard day’s work! An entire session of extens...  More

Indulgence Radiant Glow Full Spa – Scrub + Mud + Massage at $68 Only!
Duration: 75min A well deserved you will definitely need this after a hard day’s work! An entire session of extens...  More

Light He
Light Heat Energy (LHE) Facial Treatment – at $68 only!
Duration: 60 min Disturbed by that hideous blemish or scar you have to conceal with your make up ? Or even the spu...  More

Manual L
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Electra 2000 Slimming Treatment
Scientifically proven technology to stimulate the body’s lymphatic circulation for improved metabolism, helping the b...  More

An advanced skin restoration process for treating a wide range of skin imperfections to regenerate the epidermal cell...  More

New Begi
New Beginnings Facials
A proven technique that soothes and revives your skin as you relax the mind and soul for a genuine holistic experienc...  More

O2 Hydra
O2 Hydrating Facial
A results-proven anti-ageing technique using pure oxygen to deliver vitamins, botanical extracts, minerals, enzymes a...  More

Parafango Slimming treatment
The Parafango Wrap Treatment begins with exfoliation, followed by an application of AHA Amino Serum and finished off ...  More

PowerShape Radio Frequency, Laser and Vacuum System
PowerShape is a unique device that combines bipolar radio frequency, laser and vacuum system for cellulite and body s...  More

Radio Fr
Radio Frequency Fat Burner
Radio Frequency stimulates body tissue, resulting in improved internal circulation and cell metabolism. The benefits ...  More

Red Wine
Red Wine and ginger Massage
Harvesting the benefits of Resveratrol, an anti-oxidant found in Red Wine as well as Ginger, this results-proven trad...  More

Swedish Massage
This tension releasing massage with kneading and effleurages movements relieves sore muscles and improves blood circu...  More

Tui Na
Tui Na
Tui na is a form of Chinese manipulative therapy often used in conjunction with acupuncture, moxibustion, fire cuppin...  More

Vibra Tr
Vibra Trim (Lipolysis Vibration Therapy)
Advanced technology that burns body fats especially at the abdomen and around internal organs and reduce cholesterol ...  More

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