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With more than 2 decade years’ experience, Ms Angie Lim aspires for Angel Face to reveal another world of beauty and indulgence for today’s career women. Angel Face philosophy is to cure and treat your skin problem with a team of skilled and well trained therapists. Customary in every treatment are therapeutic beauty treats from skilled therapists for further pampering. Relaxed senses undoubtedly enhance treatment efficiency. Constant customers’ referrals have affirmed Angel Face professionalism. Angel Face caters to a wide range of budgets and time, ranging from one hour skin renewal facial to a 3 hour rejuvenating face, body regime and Correcting Treatment for problem skin inevitable in urban living. Miraculously, work stress is transformed into feminine strength with newly revitalized skin! Angel Face is where you retreat from hectic routine and re-emerge looking your best, or perhaps more angelic.

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Aroma Bo
Aroma Body swedish massage
Soothing massage to improve overall circulation , removing toxins, for a relaxed and refreshing experience.  More

Aroma Sh
Aroma Shiatsu / accupressure massage
Deep tissue massage, focusing on knotted area, effective in releasing ached and tensed body.  More

Customised facial treatment
A customised facial specially tailored for different parts of your face. (eg T-zone is oily, cheek is dehydrated, etc...  More

Fragile Capillary facial treatment
Soothe red spots and lighten complexion by strengthening the capillaries and bring immediate relief to red patches.  More

Ginger S
Ginger Scrub
Ginger exfoliating balm for anti-inflammatory effect with delightful spicy notes of ginger. Skin is refined and softe...  More

Hair rem
Hair removal services
IPL /LHE - intense pulse light , light heat energy  More

Hot ston
Hot stone massage
Hot stone immersed in warm cococted essential oil to awake your senses, increase circulation and relief stress. You f...  More

Hydrating facial treatment
Moisturize and soften skin for desired suppleness.  More

Marine S
Marine Scrub
Mineral riched scrub to detoxify your skin whilst remineralizes your skin. Skin is softened and hydrated.  More

Microdermabrasion is the new "lunch time" approach to skin resurfacing. It stimulates the production of new skin cell...  More

Oxygen T
Oxygen Treatment
Pressure Injection Technology is a cutting-edge biotechnology that delivers natural, safe and effective treatment to ...  More

Peace of
Peace of the senses - relaxing herbal massage
Relax and calm the senses with relaxing essential oils to alleviate fatigue and soften the skin.  More

Rejuvenating therapy
A must have treatment for dull, stressed skin. Skin cells is recharged with lots of vitamins and hydration. Skin beco...  More

Renewal facial treatment
Skin is deeply cleansed, a gentle micro-exfoliation helps to unclog pores,eliminate dead cells, skin is hydrated with...  More

Sea Salt
Sea Salt
Deep exfoliation to remove thick layer of dead skin cells, soften your skin and your skin will shine.  More

Soft Loo
Soft Loofah
Gentle scrub for sun burn and delicate skin. Activates microcirculation and intercellular exchanges to refine and rel...  More

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