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I live. In to the next leap of revolution is Amore Living, the unique concept store that will set a new in integrating lifestyle, wellness and fitness for the hip, savvy and young at heart, posing as the perfect bonding platform for the modern family. We invite you to take the first step to explore, discover and redefine your larger self and embrace the Amore way of life that's packed with fun, fitness, friends and family with a whole new attitude! Expect a range of unique fitness and wellness programmes for kids, parent and child, teens, couples and adults, as well as programmes developed exclusively for women such as the Amore Signature dance workouts and pre and post natal care. Overall, each programme is carefully designed to meet specific needs for the whole family, as well as individuals from different age groups! The modern family and the young couples can look forward to Amore Living "Kid-Fit" club where couples can have a quiet time to work-out or get a spa treatment done while their little ones from aged 4years and above can simultaneously spend their time actively and safely in a stimulating environment at the Kid-Fit Club. Your child will be entertained with activities such as board games, arts and craft, exercise classes, reading, movies and even Wii-Fit video games! Designated staff will be stationed at the Kid-Fit club to provide value-added assistance and support to the kids! The exciting news is parents can even look forward to host their child's birthday celebration at Amore Living. Amore Living features an elevated outdoor pool(only available at Tampines 1), state-of-the art gym facilities, over 500 workout classes, kid-fit club, kids-fun programs, kids-spa programs, well equipped showers, lockers, steambath facilities and a Category One licensed boutique spa for catered for the whole family. The wide services and products at Amore Living in holistic wellness and fitness will certainly delight and enrich just about anyone! Gear up now with your loved ones to experience Amore Living today!

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Arms Def
Arms Definition (30 mins Session)
Uses a comprehensive technology compromising of Infrared Ray, Radiofrequency, Vacuum, Mechanical Massage An all-...  More

Aromatic Swedish Massage (60mins Session)
Select your favourite aromatherapy oil to pamper your senses and revitalise your mind and body. This sensuous customi...  More

Asana Ma
Asana Massage (60mins Session)
Asana means posture in Sanskrit. Our unique Asana massage aims to bring healing and balance in one’s wellbeing. An ex...  More

Balancing Detox Massage (75mins Session)
Soothe and detox your body with this massage specially crafted to get rid of toxins. Starting with 15 mins of dry bod...  More

BodySculpt Massage (30mins Session)
This unique treatment works on body tissues using light kneading and rolling movements that helps in breaking down th...  More

Botaroma Swedish Body Massage (45mins Session)
Experience the therapeutic blend of Geranium, Sweet Orange & Lavender essential oils to soothe all aches away, achiev...  More

Breathe Easy Massage (30 mins Session)
Targeted at the chest, nose, stomach and back Uses Eucalyptus oil and helps to relieve chest congestion and soot...  More

Especially for Expecting Mums (60mins Session)
A unique massage specially catered for mothers-to-be. Slow and graceful palm strokes are applied to calm your body, m...  More

Express Back Massage (15mins Session)
A relaxing and de-stressing back massage perfect for busy executives to relieve muscle ache and revive the spirit.  More

Fusion M
Fusion Massage (60mins Session)
A specialised treatment formulated by our skilled therapists. Consisting of complementing techniques from Thai, Shiat...  More

Haven Ma
Haven Massage (60mins Session)
Experience the ancient Ayurvedic recipe that brings balance to the doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. A delightful treat g...  More

Heavenly Reborn (60 mins Session)
Achieve Total relaxation with a varied range of pressure applied Uses rhythmic massage movements and pressure ge...  More

Herbal R
Herbal Remedy (60mins Session)
An exotic blend of herbs is used to relieve aching joints and muscles. Be soothed by the warm herbal compress contain...  More

Shiatsu Massage (60mins Session)
A therapeutic massage that helps to reduce stress while removing blockages to enhance energy levels, promote better h...  More

Stress R
Stress Release Back Massage (30mins Session)
An ideal back massage therapy that works off your stress and backaches. Best for those who are always on the move.  More

Tension Vanisher (30 mins Session)
Uses Rosemary Oil Conducts point pressure Releases muscle tension and aids as an energy booster Highly recom...  More

Thighs/ Tummy Definition (40 mins Session)
Uses a comprehensive Technology compromising of Infrared Ray, Radiofrequency, Vacuum, Mechanical Massage An all-...  More

Toxic Cl
Toxic Clear Therapy (75mins Session)
Starting with 15 mins of dry body brushing, this gentle rhythmic massage-like technique helps the body get rid of tox...  More

Yummy Sc
Yummy Scrub (20 mins Session)
Exfoliates the skin and improves blood circulation Highly recommended for kids aged 6 and above  More

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Tampines 1 10 Tampines Central 1 #05 - 18

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Mon 11.00 AM - 9.00 PM
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Tampines 1 10 Tampines Central 1 #05 - 18

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