Kenko Marina Square
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KENKO chain of Foot Reflexology Centres and Wellness Spas is founded by our Principal, Dr Jimi Ta... More

 Apple Skin Care-  Marine Parade
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APPLE SKIN CARE was established by a group of experienced skin experts, targeting problems like A... More

Begum's Beauty & Bridal Services
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Do you have a special occasion coming up that you simply must stand out at? Or maybe you just wan... More

Joiè The Makeup Bar
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Makeup Stylist, Coach and Fashion Director, Joiè Leong, graduated from The School of Make-up (Sin... More

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Kenko Marina Square
Foot Reflexology

Kenko Marina Square

Kenko’s signature treatment! Passed through generations, this ancient healing therapy works on the principle that all body organs are connect... More

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