What causes painful ovulation?

What causes painful ovulation?

Before jumping into the details, let’s discuss what is ovulation pain? It is a mid-menstrual pain that happens 14 days before your period. In this, you will experience pain in your lower abdominal region, being more specific the pain is felt near the ovary. It may last for a few minutes to 2 days or so. The pain can be from mild to severe depending upon the severity of the condition. In initial years following menarche it doesn't show any signs but once the ovulatory cycle gets established it starts showing symptoms in some women. 

Some common characteristics of ovulation pain or:  

  • The pain arises on that side of the stomach where the ovary is ovulating.
  • You may also witness slight vaginal bleeding
  • Pain may vary from mild to an extreme level

Causes of painful ovulation 

Though the specific cause of ovulation pain is still unfamiliar the specialists are considering that these are some reason that may be responsible for painful ovulation : 

  • Ovum (egg) breaking through the wall ovary which creates tension on the ovary and results in pain
  • Contraction of the fallopian tubes and uterus
  • Endometriosis
  • Scar tissues
  • STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)

Should I consult a doctor?

You must consult a doctor if you are suffering from this difficulty every month. Before visiting the doctor you should mark when this pain occurs every month and for how days it lasts and what is the intensity of the pain? Mild? Moderate? Or severe? As your doctor may ask these questions. He may also conduct a pelvic examination for diagnosing the disease.


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