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This is a problem that we all have faced before. You are standing in front of the mirror, and wondering what to wear to work today. You are unsure if you are bored with what you are planning to wear. You are also uncertain if your fellow colleagues remember what you wore for the past two weeks. Here comes the conundrum that we all face on a daily basis – decided on what best to wear. 

Fortunately, the local online fashion scene is growing from strength to strength. The Tropika Club team recommends seven local online fashion stores to keep you not only stylish from Monday to Friday, but also within a neat budget. Read on more to find out! 

There was once a little girl who loved to play dress up. One day she was a princess in a lofty tower, and an adventurer on a mission to save the world the next. Some days she commandeered a boardroom, and others, an army of warriors. Then, that little girl didn’t see why she should stop playing dress-up.

​Capsule by Edith is borne of that desire for versatility. It is designed for the modern multi-hyphenate woman. The woman who holds her own in the boardroom and in the kitchen; who is as comfortable in heels as she is in sneakers; who is practical, grounded and whimsical and elevated all at once. The consummate modern-day multi-tasker.

Love, Bonito doesn’t fit their clothes on static mannequins, or models of the standard, industry size 0. Why? Because their clothes are made for real women, by real women, doing real things in real life. They believe the right clothes should fit you, as opposed to you trying to fit them. They consider a woman’s concerns, then they fit the clothes on real ladies reenacting real-life situations: like tying the hair, rooting in our pockets for tissue and getting dressed in a flash when they’ve snoozed one too many times. Chasing after a bus – they feel you.

​GINLEE Studio was founded in 2011 by designers Gin Lee & Tamir Niv.

Coming together as designers from two different disciplines, design is, and always will be, at the core of what they do. In a world where garments are churned out rapidly, trends turn around at the blink of an eye, and their laborious process has deemed a luxury in today’s pace of fast fashion. They take immense pride in creating beautiful, thoughtfully-designed pieces that are mainstays in ones’ wardrobe, where speed is not of utmost importance. Equipped with their background in Fashion and Industrial design, their passion extends towards 3d elements that not only flatter the female form, but are wearable pieces of art. Good design is both aesthetically-pleasing and functional, and they strive to achieve the perfect marriage between the two. 

Designer Ying created Ying The Label out of her immense passion for painting. She wanted to tell my stories through art because it was her way of self-expression. Inspired by the simplest of things that she experiences in her life, and using fabrics as her canvas, She hopes to take you through an emotional, but an adventurous journey.

Launched in 2013, IN GOOD COMPANY is a ready-to-wear brand offering well-designed pieces to build a modern wardrobe of functional looks. They create timeless wardrobe essentials and classics silhouettes with a twist – made to last beyond seasonal trends and to suit modern lifestyles. These are style-ready pieces that combine thoughtful design with high technical finesse of tailoring and drape work.

Love and Bravery is a women’s label that seeks to create a collection of statement pieces and everyday wear for the modern woman. Our pieces are thoughtfully crafted, with a focus on quality, cut and wearability. We’re proud to be a brand that is designed in Singapore. Founded in 2005, Love & Bravery started with the aim of bringing a wide range of affordable fashion to women.

​Ans-ein is a fashion brand offering products based on art. Ans-ein was founded in Singapore in early February 2017 by two mumpreneurs, Anseina (Ans) and Erlyn (Ein), who have different backgrounds but complement each other: Ans is an architect and wedding dress designer, while Ein has been in retail business, event and media. Both of them love art and have a desire to appreciate art in many forms; thus inspiring us to establish Ans-ein: a wearable art. 

While Singapore is home to a wealth of globally-recognised fashion labels, it also boasts a range of local brands that are proudly made in Singapore. So support local fashion today and impress your colleagues with wearable art that reflects your unique sense of style! 

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