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You have been experimenting with simple makeup, and trying to perfect the natural Asian makeup. However, as a beginner, you are having problems on how to do a simple yet effective makeup for the Asian face. Fret not, and the Tropika Club team has done thorough research on makeup basics for beginners. In this tutorial, we will provide nine essential tips and steps on how to apply makeup for the Asian face. You will learn how to create the best make up for Asian skin.

Before applying makeup, it is vital that you follow through with your skincare routine. When your skin is cleansed and toned, your face will be well-prepared for your makeup routine. Clean your skin with your usual facial cleanser, and then follow through with a facial toner. The toner will help to remove any impurities from your face and set your face for the makeup. Instead of applying the toner over your face with your hands, try to use a cotton pad so that there is some light exfoliation which will help to tone the face thoroughly. Another key thing before your makeup routine is the application of sunscreen. This is especially so in Singapore, where the sun is blazing hot, and your face is subject the to harsh UV rays. Keeping your skin protected daily will slow down the long-term ageing process. 

The most popular way to use a primer is before your foundation, and this is a fantastic way of producing a smooth canvas. As the skincare ingredients treat your complexion, the smoothing makeup will create silky soft skin that helps your face makeup glide on effortlessly. ​ Put simply, primer is exactly what its name suggests: it is a preparatory product that’s implemented after your skincare to make a perfect canvas to hold onto whatever makeup comes afterwards — like base, tinted moisturiser, or concealer. Your primer may come in the form of a hyaluronic acid-spiked facial serum which boosts hydration, a sunscreen that protects and softens the look of pores, or even a traditional silicone-based primer.

Unlike products that lock your makeup in, such as setting powder or placing sprays, primers are almost always applied after your final skincare step and before your cosmetics. Concerning the program, cosmetics artists Allan Avenda, Mary Phillips, and Robin Black all recommend using fingers to apply primer, as they say, it’s the best and easiest way to blend everything and get a seamless finish. “A cosmetics brush will just drag the primer around,” says Phillips, who adds, “If you’re a germophobe, then you can always use a slightly damp sponge.”

Here is the annoying thing about the base: When it’s expertly applied, it can turn your face to a perfectly even, bright, smooth-looking decoration. Nevertheless, when it is used, uh, maybe not so nice, it’s the potential to highlight beautiful lines that you did not know existed, make your skin appear flaky and oily, and leave you with a chalky-looking mask. Fun!

Most bases fall somewhere between sheer, medium, and complete coverage. If you like your freckles, select a formula that states”sheer” or even”hydrating” or”lightweight.” And in case you have blemishes, redness, or hyper-pigmentation that you would prefer to cover (or if you just love a full-face beat), go with the formula which has more coverage, which will usually state”full-coverage” or”matte.”

So once you’ve got your sponge (be sure to get it damp with water, initially, or it does not work as well), dab a few drops of the base over the principal points of your face (forehead, cheeks, and chin) with your finger. Afterwards, with stippling–maybe not massaging or massaging –motions, quickly tap the sponge over the dots, then mixing out the foundation toward your hairline and jaw to diffuse the shade. Keep tapping under your chin and chin to blend the base’s edges.

Thinking about how to apply concealer correctly? How that you put on your concealer is just as crucial as the concealer itself. You can have the best concealer and foundation on the planet, but if you misapply it, it does more harm than good. Think: Flaky patches, exaggerated beautiful lines, and big red pimples that show up an hour once you spent just as much time trying to conceal them

The primary advantage of employing concealer after the foundation is that you can customise your policy. A fantastic foundation will hide some dark circles right off the bat. You can save a bit of concealer by applying it after your makeup. If you use a highlighting concealer made to attract light, then applying it after your foundation will give you the best result.

Under-eye concealer can work wonders, decreasing the appearance of dark circles, evening out skin tone, and even highlighting stunning eyes. Placing concealer under your eyes–whether with wax, setting spray, or some other product–is the subject of some controversy within the beauty world.

If you do not set your concealer, then you may wind up getting a smeared mess that melts away before lunch. But if you do, then the more products that you use can settle into creases, creating a haggard appearance.

For a perfectly flawless finish, try this genius trick: after applying your concealer, dampen a makeup sponge or beauty grinder, tripping to wring out any excess water. Then lightly dab on top of your concealer. Your look is immediately set for the day, without a powdery finish.

Discovering your perfect brow shape is a face-changer which not only defines your own eyes but also frames the whole face. If you are unsure about where to begin or are intimidated by taking things into your hands, this manual is best for you.

Whether your brows are needing some dressing, tweezing or filling, consider our expert insights and insider strategies for how to shape your brows. Knowing which hairs that you need to tweeze and which ones you must leave alone makes all of the difference when it comes ideal eyebrow form.
The objective is for the start of the forehead to align with the middle of the nostril. The arch must fall in the rear third of their eye, and also the eyebrow should stick to the duration of the eye although not stretch in the temple area. While everybody’s natural brow shape differs (and the number is a beautiful thing), these fundamental rules are really for everybody. For some people, years of over-tweezing within our childhood has led to one of those shapes.

Typically, if you have been accountable for getting hauled away, the remedy would be to tweeze your brows at the most flattering form and let what hairs may grow back into their proper place occur. To finish things off, you can fill in the targeted regions with forehead products. Whatever you do, do not pluck brows to a thin line believing it’s going to make your eyes seem bigger. It may appear dated and unnatural, and it is hard to fix when the harm is done.

And not shave brows! This presents a massive risk of eliminating a lot of hairs at once and stubble growing back mid-day isn’t a fantastic appearance.

When it comes to Asian eye makeup all the rules, you know fly from the window. Mostly for this, a lot of women decide to go with eyeliner or cosmetics free. Even though Asian women are famous for flawless skin, they like to experiment with eyeshadows. The very first issue is to find your perfect eyeshadow colour. It may be earth-toned or vivid — so long as you feel good when you place it on your eyelids, it’s excellent for you.

The next product that you must have in each situation is black eyeliner. Asian makeup nearly always comprises eyeliner, and that’s why you ought to learn how to use it in the best possible way. Both of these products move perfectly in a pair, and they will be your primary weapon for no-makeup makeup days!

If it comes to choosing the best colour for Asian eyes, we must mention that there are no bounds here. One rule applies for all girls when picking eyeshadows — try to match it with your skin tone and colour of the eyes.

If you are just beginning, it’s the safest to use neutral, earth tones which won’t be excessively eye-catching. The Asians usually have the warm skin complexion undertone so it will be easier for you to find the appropriate brownish or nude shade.

So we will share with you the best way to use blush. With Asian skin, it tends to have a yellow undertone. What you want to do is go to the opposite end of the spectrum and pick something kind of bright and trendy just to break up the monotony of this colour palette. You will find a million blushes out there. But do not be fearful of the very bright ones that you find at the makeup counter.

So just take a little brush. Dip it to the blush. Do a kind of swirl it right on the apple of your cheeks and mix out just like cat whiskers. If your blush looks frightening bright do not be frightened. You do not need to take it away. Just take the base brush which you used before. It has got a very small little product left on it. And only very softly go right over it. So what that’s going to do is it’s going to combine everything in order the blush appears like it’s coming from within versus sitting just on top of your skin. And don’t be reluctant to go glowing. It is, in fact, a gorgeous complement to yellow undertones of your skin.

Applying lipstick can seem like a complete no-brainer, and it truly is, but that doesn’t want a lipstick which needs no touch-up? Here are a couple of steps guiding about how to use lipstick & that will guarantee your lipstick stays out as long as you do.

Step 1 – Wipe off your lips!

It’s vital to make sure there isn’t any extra residue on your lips. Wipe them off clean and make sure that there isn’t any excess oil onto your lips. Any extra lipstick or lip balm in your lip will make your lips feel overly slippery and won’t let your lipstick stay on for long.

Step 2 – Apply a little bit of foundation

This might seem somewhat off your everyday makeup routine but using a tiny foundation in your lips before applying your lipstick will help keep your lipstick from wearing off too soon. Employ a minimal amount on your lips with your finger or a brush before prepping up for your cosmetics.

Step 3 – Apply a lip liner 

Make sure your lip liner is lighter or of the same colour as the lipstick, so it doesn’t seem very odd once you’ve used a liner.

Step 4 – Apply the lipstick

After you’ve applied your lip liner, it is time to utilise the lipstick. You can either apply it straight or use a brush for perfection. Ensure that you apply your lipstick inside the lip liner to prevent bleeding of your lipstick. Add another coat only in the event that you think it’s required.

Measure 5 – Contour the place around

If you’re the perfectionist and want your lipstick to seem totally flawless, then you can dab some of your foundation with a brush around your lips for the perfect appearance. If need be, you can powder on your chin for an eater look.

There you have it! With the right practice and a little bit of experimentation and feedback from your peers and friends, you are on your way to perfecting your makeup on Asian skin! 

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