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Makeup Question/Problem?

Makeup Question/Problem?

Hi, I have a makeup question. I'm 14 years old and have wondered about wearing makeup. First of all, I want to because I blush REALLY easily and people will comment, "Why are your cheeks so red?", which makes me blush even harder! The reason why I want to wear makeup is so its harder to tell when my face goes red. Is the best thing to "cover up skin" foundation? Also, overall I hate makeup, but only want to wear foundation to cover up from my blushing. My mom has said that she only wants me to wear makeup when I'm 18! (I've never talked to her about my face) my blushing has made me very self conscious and I'm nervous a lot, even when I just think of the guy I like it makes me blush! Btw, I found out that my "blushing problem" is CB (chronic blushing) there is no cure for it...so what should I do about the makeup problem? Should I ask my mom? What should I say to her? What's your opinion or advice? Thanks!!!

I think it's clear that your mom doesn't want you to wear makeup but this blushing problem is bothering you, I think she just needs to get used to the idea that a lot of people your age wear makeup. If you don't like makeup i don't suggest you wear foundation as it will make your face feel very heavy. Try a blusher with a color very close to your natural skin color-there's a chance this won't totally get rid of your blushing but it will tone it down a lot, you also won't really realize your wearing makeup. Also this way it won't be very visible your wearing makeup just that you won't be seen blushing but if your mom does notice just explain that it's bothering you, it's just a bit to help cover it and you don't want to wear anymore.
Reetika Dawar (160 posts) 

This makeup question goes back to color theory and primary colors. Most undertones are either pink or yellow. If your foundation looks peachy or orange, it's probably the wrong undertone. If you have very yellow skin and choose a foundation with too much pink in it, you'll look orange. If you're more on the neutral or pink side and use a foundation that is too golden, you'll have the same effect. Red + yellow = orange. Pink + yellow = peach/orange. Another possible reason, though not as common, is oxidation, which has to do with your skin's oil levels and PH. Some people's skin reacts with foundation to cause it to change color, darkening throughout the day. To prevent this, use a primer to create a barrier between the oils in your skin and the foundation.
Angeline (5 posts) 

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