Acclimatize yourself to the first 12 steps of meditation

Acclimatize yourself to the first 12 steps of meditation

The 12 steps of meditation that will change your life

Meditation is a simple, yet an extremely effective way to reconnect with your inner consciousness. It provides relief from stress and is known to alleviate symptoms of various lifestyle related problems. Meditation in Singapore and meditation classes in Singapore will help you in this. All you need to do is to master the first 12 steps of meditation. You can also go for meditation retreats for rejuvenation and fulfillment! 

The 12 steps of meditation:

1.Find yourself a serene haven where you can practice your meditation on a daily basis. This is very important. Meditating in the living room with kids running around is not in any way one of the stress management techniques.

2.Along with defined space, you also need to decide on the time of day when you will meditate. Mindful meditation can only be possible if your mind is regularized according to the activity.

3.Make sure that you stick to your schedule on a daily basis. The same time and the same space will help in soothing your senses faster and will not let the mind scatter. This is one of the most important techniques of meditation.

4.Meditation is most fruitful when you are one with your inner consciousness. For that, you will need to regulate your breathing. We suggest that you begin your meditation by deep breathing for at least 5 to 6 minutes. 

5.Continue to monitor your breathing and breathe slowly as you meditate.

6.Face either North or East while meditating. This is exactly what mediation classes in Singapore will teach you. Also remember to keep your spine straight and body aligned.

7.Allow your mind to concentrate slowly. If you force it, then it will automatically add to your stress.

8.Keep reminding your mind that it has to block out everything else and concentrate on the task at hand.

9.Once your mind has slowed down, focus on one thing: these are the chakras. You can either choose to concentrate on the anja or anahata chakra.

10.Applying one of your favorite techniques of meditation and focusing on your chosen chakra move on with your session.

11.The achievement of a state of duality is most cherished in meditation. This state will help you reach the level of pure thought, blocking all impurities.

12.The final step of meditation is Samadhi or the status of total purity. Once you achieve this state, you finally reap the benefits of meditation as one of the most effective stress management techniques.

Meditation is good for pregnant ladies?

Jiya (13 posts) 

It was part of an effort to acclimate these men who might be released to a ... of self-realization (yes, including instructions on yoga and meditation). ... First, there needs to be an openness within prison leaders to programs that ...... How seriously do the inmates take their connections to 12 step and other recovery efforts?
Angeline (5 posts) 

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