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The Aesthetic & Reconstructive Centre is an exclusive plastic surgery clinic located in Mount Elizabeth Hospital Medical Centre, Singapore's premier private hospital. ARC offers personalised services in all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery including cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.Plastic Surgeon Dr Andrew Khoo runs a plastic surgery practice dedicated to providing excellent professional care in a relaxed and private setting. Only the most effective and state of the art plastic surgery techniques and equipment are employed by Dr Khoo in his procedures. Dr Khoo is competently supported by a trained and experienced medical team which is committed to offering friendly, attentive and skilled care to all ARC patients.Discussion of any procedure that a patient may be contemplating begins at the initial consultation. Dr Khoo and his medical team will use text, diagrams, audiovisual aids and clinical photographs to ensure the patient has a thorough understanding of the procedure and the expected outcome. If appropriate, patients will also be guided to relevant references in books or on the web for more in-depth information.ARC can also utilize facilities at Gleneagles Hospital, Mt Elizabeth@Novena Hospital, Parkway East Hospital and Mount Alvernia Hospital for inpatient and outpatient procedures. A fully equipped procedure room provides the latest facilities for minor surgical procedures. Outpatient surgical procedures can also be performed at Mount Elizabeth Hospital or at the other day surgery and laser centres located in Paragon Medical Centre. These facilities offer ARC patients the most advanced laser, broadband light and radio-frequency therapies and premium inpatient and operating theatre facilities.ARC can also utilise facilities at Gleneagles Hospital, Eastshore Hospital and Mount Alvernia Hospital for outpatient and inpatient surgical procedures. All these facilities allow utilization of Medisave accounts for payment of fees for medically indicated procedures thus further enhancing patient convenience. 3 Mount Elizabeth#13-08 Mount Elizabeth HospitalSingapore 228510Neighborhood: Orchard6733 3712

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Hair Removal

Aesthetic & Reconstructive Centre packages

Acne Sca
Acne Scar Therapy
The approach to acne scars involves controlling the acne to prevent further scarring in the first instance. The optio...  More

Blackheads, Oil Cysts, Moles Removal Therapy
Blackhead and Oil Cysts can be treated by surface exfoliation treatments like Microdermabrasion and Sciton Erbium Las...  More

Body Con
Body Contouring Therapy
Body contouring therapies range from the non- invasive to invasive surgical procedures. Smaller collections can be tr...  More

Facial C
Facial Contouring Therapy
.The contours of the face can be altered by various non-surgical methods. Injectable Fillers can be used to augment t...  More

Facial S
Facial Scar Therapy
Facial Scars are made obvious due to their colour or contour.Treatments for colour include Medical Grade Cosmeticeuti...  More

Fine Fac
Fine Facial Lines and Wrinkle Therapy
The treatment of fine facial lines can be achieved through various means. Usually, the treatment will consist of Medi...  More

Hair Rem
Hair Removal Therapy
Hair Removal is done using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or IPL/ Radiofrequency based treatments like Aurora. Repeat the...  More

Hair Rem
Hair Removal Therapy
Hair Removal is done using Sciton Broad Band Light BBL or IPL/ Radiofrequency based therapies like Aurora DS. Repeat ...  More

Lip Augm
Lip Augmentation Therapy
Lip Augmentation is done using Injectable Fillers under local anesthesia cover. This is an office procedure and there...  More

Pigmentation Therapy
Pigmentation in the skin most commonly occurs because of excessive ultraviolet radiation exposure in susceptible skin...  More

Prominent Blood Vessel Therapy
Prominent Blood Vessels are treated with Sciton BBL Therapy and Polaris Laser. Sciton BBL is able to deliver a specia...  More

Treatment of Excessive Sweating
Excessive Sweating can be treated with injections of Injectable Muscle Relaxants. This treatment lasts for 4-6 months...  More

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3 Mount Elizabeth #13-08 Mount Elizabeth Hospital Singapore 228510 Neighborhood: Orchard

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3 Mount Elizabeth #13-08 Mount Elizabeth Hospital Singapore 228510 Neighborhood: Orchard

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