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Jia Le Beauty Wellness Spa is dedicated in helping you bring out the real beauty in you: Beauty from the inside out. By treating the internal ailment, you will look good, feel great and be healthy.

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Acne Pro
Acne Prone Premium Facial 60 mins
“Deep cleansing draws out impurities and helps control excess sebum production, while maintaining the skin&lsqu...  More

Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage 75 mins
Aromatic tension relief to balance the mind and body  More

Bio Eye
Bio Eye Treatment 75 mins
Helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness and under-eye bags. Combats signs of fatigue to promote skin rejuvenation...  More

Diamond Peel Facial 60 mins
 Natural diamond chips gently and effectively scrubs off the top layer of skin, allowing new skin layers to emer...  More

H80 “Cha
H80 “Charcoal Black doll Face” Laser Facial 60 mins
 Facial Laser Treatment is a skin revitalising therapy that brings the youthful brightness of your skin back to ...  More

IPI Reju
IPI Rejuvenation Facial 60 mins
“Combining Jia Le unique firming massage and agedefying IPL Technology, this facial will detoxify skin, reduce ...  More

Man TCM Massage 75 mins
Select target area: Back/Stomach/Kidney)For Man only: High value 5-in-1 massage with herbal essence oil, jade hot sto...  More

TCM Meri
TCM Meridian Point Massage 75 mins
Combine cupping and customised TCM messotherapy that ease away meridian blockages and release “qi” life e...  More

V-Shape Face Contour Treatment 60 mins
This treatment integrates ultrasound and radiofrequency (RF) technologies to tighten skin, and to beautifully contour...  More

Woman TC
Woman TCM 5-in-1 Massage 75 mins
(Select targeted area: Breast/Ovary/Kidney/Stomach)For Woman only: High value 5-in-1 massage with herbal essence oil,...  More

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TCM Meridian Point Massage 75 mins  []






Yesterday I went to Jia le clementi branch as I wanted to do Gua Sha. The Branch Manager asked me to do the massage with gua sha as the results will be better. Since there is a promotion, why not so I just try it. Actually I feel that the therapist is quite skillful and I thought I will return again after my 1st try. However, when I just finished the massage, the branch manager kept pressuring me to sign a 20 sessions package. In the shop, there was another lady customer who are also getting pressured by another staff. She sat there for quite a long time and kept saying no however, the staff kept pressuring her to sign and wouldn't let her go. I was disgusted by the actions. In the end, I told the Manager that I would try for 5 sessions as I don't do massage so often and the final deal is 6 sessions and I agreed. But after paying the bill, she still kept asking me whether do I want to take 10 sessions. So thick skin and hard sell. She still let me sign a paper where a term stated that "there is not hard selling/ pressure selling involved"..so smart of the boss to wipe her ass off. I would not recommend to all my friends and please do not step into the shop. I will finish my sessions and if the staff pressure me again, I will call the police and post the review on the facebook so everyone on the social media are aware of it.

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