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It's the little things about Kiray that linger forever in one's heart. It is the exceptional opportunity for you to enjoy an even more privileged indulgence as our exclusive member. More Updates soon.

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Kiray Face and Body Spa packages

Abdomen Slimming Massage
Cellulite treatment. Feel the quick results. Fast! Lose 1-3cm (stomach area) 90 minutes The innovative intensive...  More

Ancient Indian Head Reflex
30 minutes This is a favourite among the busy executives. Central to this technique is the accurate knowledge of the...  More

Anti-Stress Back Massage
30 minutes An ideal massage for those who just wants a quick tension relief. Working closely on the back, it release...  More

Anti-Stress Massage
60 minutes This massage targets the appropriate areas to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and induce gene...  More

Aromatherapeutic Massage
60 minutes Personalising the blend of therapeutic essential oils according to your needs, This aromatic massage will...  More

Aromatic Energizer
135 minutes Regulating and stimulating the blood flow and lymph fluid while you drift into a state of pure relaxatio...  More

Ayushi H
Ayushi Harmony
135 minutes The real wonders of the Ayuveda and Shiatsu techniques are all incorporated in this treatment. This syne...  More

Bare Bac
Bare Back Facial
45 minutes A ‘must’ treatment for those who want to flaunt their back confidently. Be it pimples, marks or other uns...  More

Body Mas
Body Massage (60min) at $45
Valid for 1st timer Ladies only  More

C Improv
C Improvement
135 minutes Infused with all the natural goodness of vitamin C, this treatment protects your skin from harmful free ...  More

clEar So
clEar Sound
30 minutes Since ancient times, therapeutic ear candling has been practiced not only to eliminate ear wax and accumu...  More

Collagen Booster
135 minutes As we age, our collagen production deteriorates, requiring external agents to boost it to maintain youth...  More

Colostrums Dairy
135 minutes Enjoy this luxurious treatment that utilises the very "first milk". Rich in multiple vitamins and minera...  More

Cradle o
Cradle of Love
30 minutes Babies need to be gently touched with love and sensitivity as much as other nourishment they require. Our...  More

Electronic Lipolysis Therapy
45 minutes Emitting low frequency pulses, this treatment will break down die fat stored in the fat cells. By improvi...  More

Executive Refresh
45 minutes Deep cleansing and invigorating, this express facial promises to give the corporate-weary executives a qu...  More

F2Paraffin Special
45 minutes Soak those tired feet in a calming and scented foot bath. While you relax, indulge in a soothing scrub an...  More

H2Paraffin Special
30 minutes Reward your hands today! Pamper them with a deep cleansing scrub, a sensuous massage that relaxes the end...  More

Heaven &
Heaven & Earth
60 minutes / 90 minutes Feel the sensation of tension easing and stress slipping away as we work across your body wi...  More

Hydrofluid Plus
135 minutes Not only does it moisturize and hydrate, this treatment will dig deep into your pores to flush out all t...  More

30 minutes Relieve those tired eyes. This treatment incorporates science and technology to improve the blood circula...  More

45 minutes Specially designed to intensively remineralize the delicate area around the eyes, iMakeover will lift and...  More

IPL Last
IPL Lasting Removal
Especially for those who want to have permanent hair removal, IPL is a photo-rejuvenation process based on emitting h...  More

IPL Skin
IPL Skin Rejuvenation
Bring your face to new light. Utilizing photo-rejuvenation process based on emitting high intensity pulses of light -...  More

Isotonique Ex
135 minutes Exterminate devitalized skin! Enrich and remineralize your skin with vitamins and beneficial elements fr...  More

The eyes are the window to the world. With beauty and alluring features, they are allowed to express themselves in th...  More

45 minutes Give your fingers those lovely curves. Cuticles removal is not the only service we perform here, what’s m...  More

55 minutes Put on those footwear now that you can finally exhibit good-looking toes. Just spend 55 minutes with us a...  More

Tantalize your senses with an array of scrubs we have for your body. Aromatic and rich in benefits, they will purge y...  More

Lines El
Lines Eliminator
135 minutes Perfect to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, this therapy utilises the latest Lifting F machine to asc...  More

Luminescent Complex
135 minutes Disperse and dissolve unsightly pigmentations and spots while revealing an even and lighter skin tone. ...  More

Makeover Cocoons
Our body needs a makeover once in a while. Be snuggled in a comfy wrap will soothe and calm almost instantly. This al...  More

Maya Mic
Maya Microdermabrasion
90 minutes Get to the root of your imperfections. Maya microdermabrasion is non-invasive and can safely expedite cel...  More

Mist H20
Mist H20
135 minutes Feel the comforting sensations as the mist sensuously dust your face with hydration. Designed to treat ...  More

Motherly Care
45 minutes A gentle massage that eases stress, relaxes, uplift and improves circulation. Perfect to maintain skin su...  More

135 minutes Let your skin breathe in fresh new life. With pure oxygen and oxygen infused ingredients as our main com...  More

pH Harmo
pH Harmony
75 minutes A facial that reads into your skin before administering the specific ampoule to restore its natural resil...  More

Radical Rides
135 minutes Defend your face against the rides of time. With this treatment, we do not just erase the visible signs ...  More

Royal Sp
Royal Splash
Take a dip and splash your way to wellness. With all the ingredients for holistic and beauty attainment finely blende...  More

Sebum Re
Sebum Regulator
105 minutes Awaken your senses with our specially concocted mask and ampoule tailored to your skin type. An excellen...  More

Shiatsu Tempo
60 minutes Holistic in nature, the Shiatsu technique improves the well-being of the entire body. The firm yet gentle...  More

Silk Roa
Silk Road
135 minutes Take your skin through a sensuous therapy that includes all the goodness of Paraffin to give you silk so...  More

Sion Bio
Sion Bio-Reparateur
135 minutes Specially designed to help those with fragile, delicate and sensitive skin with the tender care they req...  More

Sonic Fa
Sonic Facial Rejuvenator
120 minutes An excellent combination of advanced technology and aesthetic secrets that will enhance the elasticity a...  More

Sono Con
Sono Contour & Slim
60 minutes This 3-phase wonder will ensure any spot you are worried about to achieve the most outstanding slimming a...  More

Stone-age Luva
60 minutes This massage entails the use of warm, lava stones to calm your body. Coupled with soothing massage techni...  More

Traditional Herbal Bolus
45 minutes / 90 minutes Utilizing heated Herbal Bolus (pack) comprising eleven different herbs and spices, this mass...  More

Uncharted Infinity
135 minutes Customized to boost skin's vitality and give it an instant lifting effect. This treatment is a clever c...  More

135 minutes Incorporating highly beneficial ingredients like Royal Jelly, Ginseng and multi-vitamins from various na...  More

Wax Work
Wax Works
30 minutes Feel the clean, satiny skin after a good waxing. Performed skillfully, we ensure you will not feel a ting...  More

Yin Yang
Yin Yang Meridien
60 minutes / 90 minutes Enhances the flow of your qi with this unique massage. It is effective in relieving discomfo...  More

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