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Situated in the heart of Bishan, a caring and peaceful environment to provide skin solution to your skin and wellbeing. We offer a wide range of facial treatments for individual need with Dermalogica, Danne, C-ziwi skin care. All therapists are certified and trained in facial treatments, experience it for yourself and rediscover how good your skin after a trial.

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100% Sea
100% Seaweed Facial (90 mins)
Deep cleanse and purifies skin, using 100% natural seaweed to repair and condition skin, enhance and repair skin mois...  More

24 Karat
24 Karat Gold Facial (2 hr)
This unique skin 100% natural and luxurious rejuvenating experience utilizes a proprietary new technology of Gamma PG...  More

Dead See
Dead See Mineral Facial (75 mins)
Deluxe facial associates with rich sea mineral. An individual pack natural sea salt power, amino acid concentrated se...  More

Dermalogica Chromawhite Treatment Facial (90 mins)
New treatment from Dermalogica Chromawhite Range, using high quality and unique enzyme (Multi-Vitamin Power Firm). It...  More

Dermalogica Hydration Treatment Facial (90 mins)
100% Dermalogica Skin Care treatment, to restore skin hydration level and natural balance. Recommended for dehydrated...  More

Dermalogical MVP Treatment Facial (90 mins)
Carefully selected facials using Enzyme peel to remove dulling surface debris and stimulating cell renewal. The inten...  More

Freeze S
Freeze Slim
With a 2-8 cm reduction after every treatment, Freeze Slim is a natural, anti-fat treatment that is nothing short of ...  More

Full Bod
Full Body Ginger Scrub
The effect of Ginger had been known to relieve indigestion and getting rid of wind in the body. It also helps in bloo...  More

Gene 180
Gene 180 Facial
Fancy re-charged, rejuvenated skin without the hassle and tussles ? Try Gene 180, an intensive clinical treatment tah...  More

Ginger S
Ginger Spa
Treatment starts with full body scrub, follow by body wrap and hot blanket. Many claims relax and refresh after treat...  More

Hydrating Skin Therapy (75 mins)
All time facial for all skin type, provides moist in addition to sooth your skin. Help to minimizes pore and enhance ...  More

Indonesia Jamu Detox Treatment
Tradition Indonesia Jamu is a type of herbal remedies, without chemist material as additive. Good for rheumatics, blo...  More

Intensive Brightening Facial (75 mins)
A must facial for all women. It condition, repair after sun skin. Thank to the antioxidant properties (Vitamin C) ser...  More

IPL Hair
IPL Hair Removal
Light is used to gently remove unwanted hair for long-lasting results, it targets and destroys the pigment in the hai...  More

IPL Skin
IPL Skin Rejuvenation (75 mins)
A safe, effective treatments with proven results for skin rejuvenation. This is the only light based treatment that u...  More

Oily Ski
Oily Skin Therapy (75 mins)
Oil and greasing skin ? we have answer for you. This facial comes with double cleanse, face scrub to remove impurity....  More

Radio Fr
Radio Frequency Lifting Facial (75 mins)
RF Face Lift accelerates cell regeneration, reduces visible fine lines and reshapes face contour. It enhances the ski...  More

Time Def
Time Defense Facial (90 mins)
Future skincare-Fortified with Enzyme, a highly active natural ingredient, to speed up skin metabolism, improve skin ...  More

USA - Da
USA - Danne Enzyme Therapy (90 mins)
An advanced and unique enzyme skin system focus on what the skin really responds to and what really works on skin. I...  More

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3 mins walk from Bishan Bus Interchange and 5 mins walk from Junction 8 Shopping Centre.

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3 mins walk from Bishan Bus Interchange and 5 mins walk from Junction 8 Shopping Centre.

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