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Spaboutique is a sanctuary where minds, spirits, and bodies are revived; where your comfort and well

Chi, The Spa
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Singapore's first CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La is now open at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.Luxurious ye

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Modelling Eye Treatment
All skin types Dedicated to smoothening lines and reducing puffiness or dark circles with the use of a retinol conce...  More

A gentle but firm pressure massage to improve circulation and ease muscle tension which utilizes free-flowing gliding...  More

Eastern Fusion
A fusion of Chinese Tui Na and Japanese Shiatsu to form a therapeutic treatment focused on the body’s meridian channe...  More

Deep Tis
Deep Tissue
Combines Balinese massage and the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. Focused on realigning deep layers of muscle and connective tiss...  More

Prenatal Massage
A specialized massage designed to accommodate the needs of pregnant women to reduce the physical strain associated wi...  More

Cocoon F
Cocoon Facial
All skin types A specialized massage is performed to relax the facial muscles, increase circulation, even out the sk...  More

Tenderness Facial
Sensitive or troubled skin Restores balance to sensitive skin through the use of mild, high quality, soothing and re...  More

Prolift Facial
All skin types Highly concentrated ingredients firm and plump the skin. A specific massage technique, which combines...  More

Radio Fr
Radio Frequency Facial
All skin types A firming and whitening treatment using radio frequency technology to enhance cell metabolism and inc...  More

Foot Mas
Foot Massage
This Chinese foot massage will improve vitality by stimulating blood circulation and relieving stress.  More

Hot Ston
Hot Stones Massage
Heated stones are used for their thermotherapy benefits, using gliding massage strokes for a warm and ...  More