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Spa Park Asia focuses on spa treatments inspired by Asian techniques and philosophies, artfully pair

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Deep Tis
Deep Tissue
An effective way to assist with muscle relaxation, the Deep Tissue treatment is designed to increase flexibility, mus...  More

Aroma Bl
Aroma Bliss
The ultimate indulgence for the mind, body and soul, this holistic experience presents a blend of luxurious essential...  More

Jetlag E
Jetlag Eliminator
An energising massage to reduce physical and emotional stress and promote deep relaxation. ...  More

Zen Shia
Zen Shiatsu
A Japanese healing method, using finger pressure massage techniques along the meridians of the body to remove energy ...  More

Tui Na
Tui Na
An oriental treatment that has been used in China for centuries, this treatment is renowned for healing general healt...  More

Instant Radiance
Revitalise tired, lack-luster skin with this mini facial and uncover a brand new you. ...  More

Whitening lift
A divine treatment that pampers the skin with a combination of oxygen, retinol and vitamin E. This helps smooth out f...  More

A deep detoxifying facial that deep-cleanses the skin to eradicate blackheads, whiteheads, spots and millias, deliver...  More

Fango Se
Fango Sea Mud
A detoxifying body wrap that uses warm paraffin mixed with sea fango mud to increase results and relieve muscle soren...  More

Oxy Slim
Oxy Slim
ones and enhances your silhouette using oxygen slimming cream. Coupled with a sensible diet, it will reduce the appea...  More

Foot Ref
Foot Reflexology
Kenko’s signature treatment! Passed through generations, this ancient healing therapy works on the principle that all...  More

Shoulder Massage
Our pressure point techniques improve the flow of oxygen and blood in the body leaving you feeling relaxed and revita...  More