Struggling with the issue of hair removal? Look here for the solution

Struggling with the issue of hair removal? Look here for the solution

A major issue which occupiesevery woman’s mind is the unneeded growth of hairs. Whether they are fringes ordark coarse hairs, hair removal is always a battle. The causes for excess hairgrowth vary from hormonal imbalances to hereditary effects and may also becaused because of medical problems like polycystic ovaries.

Whatever be the reason, womenalways want to get rid of the undesired hairs. Here is a list of solutionswomen can opt for to get rid of the unwanted hairs.


1.)  Laser treatment is one of the most popular treatments forhair removal. This is an effective method as dermatologists destroy the hairsfrom the roots and hence they don’t grow up again instantly. It can be performedon a large area of body at one time and does not cause much problem. It maysometimes lead to side-effects like black spots or burning of skin.

2.)  The 2nd way is Electrolysis, which is claimed to be the only permanent treatmentfor hair removal. A needle is used to destroy the cells responsible for hairgrowth which is pierced through the hair follicles to the cells. It can be usedfor any part of body but it is a bit uncomfortable as the removal processinvolves hair by hair treatment. It may cause scars and is not recommended forblack skin type.

3.)   Vaniqa is a topical prescription creamwhich blocks the enzyme which is responsible for hair growth. This declines thehair growth. It is considered the best for removing facial hairs. It issuggested to be used along with laser for an effective result as it alsoremoves the white and pigmented hairs that are left by lasers.

4.)  Waxing is the most commonly used method for hair removal. Itcan be used for any part of the body. Nowadays different types of waxes are alsoavailable like the bikini wax or Brazilian wax for specified body areas. Itshould be done at a proper hygienic place to avoid skin infections.

5.)  One can also opt for Shaving for temporarily removing the hair. Shaving just cuts thehairs from the skin surface and does not remove them from the roots. It is onlysuitable for few hours or days.

6.)  Medication is the last resort for the women who have excess hairgrowth because of hormonal imbalance, mostly through PCOS (polycystic ovarysyndrome). Birth control pills and anti-androgens are suggested to reduce thelevel of hormones responsible for hair growth. 

I'm using hair removal cream and my skin became black. how can i get rid of it?

jacqueline (10 posts) 

Laser is it safe?

Veronica (10 posts) 

Electrolysis's is it safe, any side effects?

Eddie (15 posts) 

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