Basic Healthy Nutrition Tips

Basic Healthy Nutrition Tips

People are more and more concerned with a healthy nutrition as well as food quality & provenance. Customized nutritional info can be found in many spas in Singapore.

A diet that consists of all the vital nutrients in the right amount is the right diet. To help you understand it better, some important nutrition tips are given below:

Make Veggies a Part of Your Diet

The best part about vegetables is that there are a lot of them. It is important to make vegetables a part of your diet due to the minerals and vitamins they contain.

Green vegetables, especially, are rich in important nutrients. You can enjoy raw vegetables (carrots, cucumber etc.), boil them (potato etc), grill them (onions) or enjoy a vegetable only salad.

Additionally, you may even add vegetables with your daily meal and enjoy them as a complement with rice or other dishes.

Try Some Whole Grains

Try to make at least half your grains whole grains. Substitute white bread with whole-wheat bread. Whole grain snacks are very healthy and can be enjoyed in different ways.

Remember to keep an eye on the label and lookout for products that are made from whole grains.

Incorporate Calcium in Your Meals

Calcium is very important for our body. It plays an important role in the body’s growth by keeping our bones and teeth strong and mineralized. To stay healthy and fit, try to incorporate calcium in your meal.

Some good sources of calcium include milk and dairy products. However, remember that products like ice cream, butter and cream are not a part of the regular daily products. When picking dairy products keep an eye on the label and pick up products that are rich in calcium and low in unnecessary nutrients or minerals, such as fats.

Enjoy Fruits

Experts say a very easy and delicious wayof staying healthy is by eating fruits. They can be enjoyed anytime of the day. Some fruits may also be enjoyed as fresh juices or milk shakes.

Banana, mango and strawberry go great with milk. In the same way, fruits like oranges and pomegranate are good for fresh juices. Nonetheless, use fresh juices only and not canned juices. Every fruit has different qualities and they all greatly help the body stay healthy.

Control Protein Intake

Protein, a building block of our body, is necessary for our body. However, an overdose of protein can cause problems.Many foods that we eat, including eggs, seafood, meat and poultry, are rich in protein that causes an overdose of protein.

Experts suggest five to seven ounces of protein for those aged nine or above. An easy way to control protein intake is by varying protein food choices and keeping a tab on your diet.

To stay healthy and happy, these tips should be kept in mind. For more details on health and nutrition you can visit a spa near your location.

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