Customize Your Manicure

Customize Your Manicure

The nail art world has revolutionized recently. Instead of the traditional plain cuticle colors, a lot of beautiful and creative nail designs are now seen these days. These designs are really diverse, and can be anything from fruits to flowers to abstract to cartoon characters. Here is a review of some popular choices and colors.

Nail Colors

Even though, the nails are painted in plenty of hues, the most liked of these are silver, peach, rose, and tiffany blue. Silver cuticles are often embedded with shiny sequins to resemble the moon. The tiffany blue color is usually adorned with gold or silver glitter, which is more concentrated at the tips of the nails.

Lacquers and Gel Coats

Gel nail polishes and lacquers are preferred a lot because they dry off quickly, and so do not get smeared or spoilt in any way. Moreover, they can even be applied on the nails for around two weeks, whereas the average nail polish only lasts three to four days, and starts chipping. Gel coats are available in many beautiful shades, and are offered by many renowned brands. 

The downside of lacquers is that they cannot be applied effectively until you are professional. They do dry off quickly, but that is in ultra violet light. So unless you work at a salon, you will probably have to spend a few extra dollars. 

Minx Nails

Minx nail designs are often confused with stickers, but they are actually a polymer coating. Some regard them among the most royals of nail art, and celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna widely use them to decorate their hands. Minx nails can be found in a variety of colors, but their metallic shades are sold the most.

Prior to the application of minx nails, you will have to do a manicure and pedicure and clean up your nails of oil and dirt. This calls for some extra efforts, but the end look is stunning. And if you are looking after your diet, you may even visit The Nutrition Room!

Why manicure is important?

Jiya (13 posts) 

Nail polish is pretty, but it’s full of chemicals. In May, the Ministry of Labour and the Ontario Lung Association put out a joint pamphlet on asthma risks for hairstylists and nail technicians, targeting formaldehyde, artificial nails and human nail filings as the biggest causes and triggers of occupational asthma in nail salons. Some of the risk-reduction advice is already at play in various salons around the city. Many of them use spring-loaded bottles for polish remover, which reduce the amount of vapours that escape into the air. But other suggestions seem like a long shot: Tilted, ventilated tables, for example, cost thousands of dollars each.

Ammo (14 posts) 

Thanks for the information. 

Dhruv (10 posts) 

Very well written article.

jessline (9 posts) 

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